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Product characteristics

High indexing accuracy, high-speed & good performance, stable & smooth operation, great transmission torque, self-locking upon positioning, long service life

Product characteristics

Standardized production

HONE PAN takes the lead in passing ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, possesses more than 20 product patents, which belongs to a new high-tech enterprise

Standardized production

Overview of HONE PAN

Zhucheng HONE PAN Automation Machinery Factory is the president unit of Cam Divider Association, the cooperation unit of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

Product center

An annual output of 20000 sets, serving more than 20000 users.

Phone number:+86 178 6569 3788
International Sales Department +86 536-6526088、6536088
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phone number:+86 178 6569 3788
Address: No. 8, Hongbang Road, Zhenxi Industrial Park, Huanghua town, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province

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